Our patented All Thread Anchor Clamps provide efficiency,
safety, and labor savings. Designed to minimize plaster and
stucco damage during scaffolding installation and tear down,
an all thread rod is threaded into an anchor imbedded in the
work face wall. The entire assembly is then secured onto the
scaffold tubing. After disassembly all that remains is the flush
anchor hole.

This new, safer, stronger clamp offers the following benefits:

  • Minimizes plaster and stucco damage
  • Entire assembly is secured to scaffold
  • Reuseable and designed for many years of service
  • Engineered and tested for strength, safety, and
  • Constructed from quality dropped forged steel
  • Available in  3/8 or 1/2 inch sizes
These clamps work great! We
are very pleased with their
performance and will continue
to purchase them in the future.

       - Brian Burns
         Bay Area High Reach
         San Leandro, CA

Brand Scaffold has been very
pleased with the quality of this
product. We deal with high
profile jobs on a regular basis
and have incorporated this
product into our bidding
process due to increased
productivity in the field. Brand
has saved in two
ways...eliminating unnecessary
nuts and kickers used for tying
into the building and man
hours fastening them to the
scaffold and buildings. Looking
forward to doing more business
with you.

         Thank You,
         Chad Watson (Inventory   
          Manager Northern CA)
Not only did we design these All Thread Anchor Clamps, we use them on all of our jobs. If you are
interested in the All Thread Clamp or have further questions, please call us at 650-871-8190 or send
an email to
info@contractorsscaffold.com. We'd be pleased to send you a sample!
All Thread Anchor Clamps